Course Designed by Robert Chang, MD

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Stanford School of Medicine
Stanford BioDesign Faculty Fellow’16

Dr. Robert Chang, on faculty at the Stanford Byers Eye Institute, is a Biodesign alum and educator of the Lean Startup and design thinking. He pioneered the fast-paced, fully immersive extended medtech hackathon seminar centering on digital health. Currently, he divides his time as an eye surgeon, startup advisor, AI researcher, and international educator.

Medical Innovation Seminar

October 16-22􏰀, 2017
Stanford University Schools of Medicine & Engineering
Stanford, California, USA

Learn fhow to think from a clinical and business perspective
Observe real-world healthcare challenges through patient and physician interviews
Develop working prototypes through wireframing, web and/or smartphone app development, and potential integration with sensors/wearables
Create a viable business plan with the support of business experts and entrepreneurs
Sponsored by Stanford Health Innovations (SHIFT)