Thank you everyone for making it a great weekend! Winners have been posted to Devpost here!
We'd love to improve health++ for future years. Please take a couple minutes to fill out our post-hackathon questionnaire.
Go to this spreadsheet to view your team number! If you're not on this sheet, please email me!
Go to this link to submit late (this will not affect how you will be judged)!
Only one person on your team neeeds to make the final submission! Make sure all the team members (and their emails) are included in the submission.
This is a reminder to submit your projects to Devpost by 2:30 PM! If you're interested in sponsor prizes, make sure to check the appropriate boxes during submission.
I hope everyone is having a great time finishing up their projects! Share your progress and send us a tweet at #healthplusplus ;)!
If you're looking for big, open spaces, we have LKSC 101/102 and Berg Hall available today. If you'd prefer a smaller setting, we recommend using LKSC 208, 209, 306 and 308!
Breakfast is ready outside on the lawn! Good look with building today :)!
This is a reminder that we'll be moving venue spaces to Li Ka Shing Center starting tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Be ready to submit your projects to Devpost by 2:30 PM!
Texas Medical Center Biodesign is hosting a pitch workshop to help teams practice their pitches before the demos tomorrow. They will be at 1-2:30pm in Huang 305. Go to this spreadsheet to sign up!
We heard that some of you wanted coffee! Coffee has arrived! Dinner will happen soon.
Check out the requirements section of the Devpost for some expectations of the final deliverable (we just updated it), as well as the list of sponsor-prizes and eligibility requirements! Remember that final submissions are due at 2:30 PM tomorrow!
IMPORTANT: Team size is limited to 6 people
Team formation happening right now! Go to pitches to find the number of a pitch, and go to map for number locations!
Registration and breakfast begins at 8am on Saturday!
health++ starts in 20 hours!